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2023-04-13 13:07:02
The boiling granulation dryer is composed of an air filter, heater, boiling bed host, cyclone separator, bag filter, high-pressure centrifugal fan, and operating platform. Due to the different properties of the drying materials, when matching dust re...
2023-03-26 10:35:29
Pressure spray dryer is an important role in the drying equipment industry, and its application is more and more extensive. The correct installation of the pressure spray dryer is the prerequisite to ensure its normal operation, so it must be careful...
2023-02-18 10:38:12
The vacuum rake dryer mainly consists of a shell, a rotating shaft, and rake teeth. Unlike blade dryers, the rotating shaft and rake teeth of vacuum rake dryers do not serve as heating surfaces, but only serve to stir materials and update surfaces.
2023-01-17 10:56:31
The flash dryer quickly dries by using heated gas to pneumatically transport the feed to the flash tube and enter the main air separation device, commonly known as a cyclone. Air is induced or forced into the feed area through a hot gas generator, wh...
2022-12-23 10:40:33
The double cone rotary vacuum dryer is suitable for vacuum drying and mixing of powder and granular materials in industries such as medicine, food, and chemical industry, especially for materials with the following requirements: cannot accept high-te...
2022-11-06 13:11:14
A small sludge dryer is an indirect heating low-speed stirring type dryer, which has two or four hollow rotating shafts inside the equipment. The hollow shafts are densely arranged in parallel with fan-shaped wedge-shaped hollow blades, and the struc...
2022-10-13 13:13:20
The 30B universal crusher is composed of a silo, a mechanical crusher, an induced draft fan, a cyclone, a vibrating screen, a liquid nitrogen tank, and other components. It uses liquid nitrogen as the cold source, and the crushed material is cooled t...
2022-09-05 13:16:58
A small swing granulator is a machine that develops wet powder or block like dry materials into the required particles. Its screen adopts a metal wire mesh, which is easy to install and disassemble, and the elasticity is adjustable. The main componen...
2022-08-21 13:18:32
The spray granulation dryer is a new one-step granulation equipment that organically combines the spray drying technology with the fluidized bed granulation technology. It uses the negative pressure suction of the induced draft fan to dry the fog dro...
2022-07-03 13:19:42
Centrifugal spray drying equipment is one of the dryers widely used in industrial production at present. On the surface of the dispersion plate, the liquid diffuses in the form of a film, and is thrown out at a high speed around the circumference. Th...

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