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XSG series rotary flash dryer
The XSG series rotary flash dryer is a powerful rotating wind field driven by the stirrer, where hot air enters the bottom of the dryer tangentially. The paste material enters the dryer through a spiral feeder, and is dispersed under the strong action of high-speed rotating stirring paddles due to impact, friction, and shear forces.
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Working principle

  The hot air tangent enters the bottom of the dryer and forms a strong rotating wind field driven by the agitator. The paste material enters the dryer through the screw feeder. Under the strong action of the high-speed rotating agitator, the material is dispersed under the impact, friction and shear force. The block material is quickly crushed, fully contacted with the hot air, heated and dried. The dehydrated dry material rises with the hot air flow, the grading ring intercepts the large particles, and the small particles are discharged from the center of the ring outside the dryer, and recycled by the cyclone separator and dust collector. The dry or large materials are thrown to the wall by centrifugal force, and then fall back to the bottom for crushing and drying.

Performance characteristics1.jpg

◎ The organic combination of swirl, fluidization, spouting and crushing classification technology.

◎ Compact equipment, small size, high production efficiency, continuous production, realizing "small equipment, large production".

◎ High drying intensity, low energy consumption and high thermal efficiency.

◎ The material has a short retention time and good quality, which can be used for drying heat-sensitive materials.

◎ Negative pressure or micro negative pressure operation, good airtightness, high efficiency, and elimination of environmental pollution.

Applicable materials

Organic substances: atrazine (pesticide insecticide), lauric acid, benzoic acid, benzoic acid, fungicide, sodium oxalate, cellulose acetate, organic pigments, etc.

Dyes: anthraquinone, black iron oxide, indigo pigment, butyric acid, titanium hydroxide, zinc sulfide, various azo dye intermediates.

Inorganic substances: borax, calcium carbonate, hydroxide, copper sulfate, iron oxide, barium carbonate, antimony trioxide, various metal hydroxides, various heavy metal salts, synthetic cryolite, etc.

Food: soybean protein, gelatinous starch, wine tank, wheat sugar, wheat starch, etc.



Inner diameter of main engine mm2004006008001000120016002000
Blowing rate M3/h350-5001150-20002450-45004450-75507000-1250010000-2000018000-3600028200-56500
Evaporated moisture kg/h12-1740-7080-150150-250230-4250300-600600-10001000-1500
Maximum installed capacity kw1020406585105150230
Maximum height m4.
Area covered m215202835405280150

1、The water evaporation is based on the inlet air temperature 180oC,The outlet temperature is 80oC moisture evaporated per hour;
2、In addition to the above models, special designs can be made for users;
3、The above installed capacity is standard matching, which can be significantly reduced according to different power of materials.

Processing materials and characteristics (based on type 6 flash)

Material nameStearic acidCalmogastrinZinc carbonateMonosultapTMTDDSD acidIron oxide redAntimony dioxideCuprous chlorideWhite is too black
Inlet air temperatureoC150180150120140150200180200280
Initial moisture content %80558030656060453085
Final moisture content %
Actual drying capacity kg/h140-160250-280130-17080-11080-12080-120300-350280-320290-310250-300

Material nameAcceleratorOil soluble inkZinc manganatePhthalocyanine blueCalcium citrateUltrafine calcium carbonateMud treatment agentSodium dioxoisocyanurateSodium trioxyisocyanurate
Inlet air temperatureoC150150120150140160200180150
Initial moisture content %604530554070752530
Final moisture content %
Actual drying capacity kg/h80-110350-380120-150160-180300-350430-470290-31080-12090-150
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